About Me

I am heading the Language Research unit at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris and am one of the chief developers of Fluid Construction Grammar. Our mission is to shed new light on one of the most fascinating mysteries of humankind: language. How is it possible that children are able to master the complex structures of the world’s languages so fast, and how are we able to process these structures so rapidly? How can humans possibly cope with all the variation and the dynamic changes observed in language usage? Through an ‘understanding-by-building’ approach, we try to answer these questions by developing experiments that combine techniques from computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and robotics.


Here is a selected list of my publications. You can find the complete list here or check out my publications page at Sony CSL Paris.


I am developing the world’s first broad-coverage construction grammar for English that works for both comprehension and production. You can test the grammar at this webpage (Note: our server is under maintenance, check back later for a new and improved version).

The grammar will soon be released as part of the open source language technologies – including Fluid Construction Grammar – that I have been co-developing at Sony CSL Paris and the VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab. If you are using our language technologies and are developing on a Mac with Lispworks, you can check out some of my video tutorials here for recent developer tools that I implemented:

If you are new to Fluid Construction Grammar, you can get your first hands-on experience with my FCG Editor  (only Mac and only limited functionality).

Publications (Full List)

Most of my publications are available as PDF. If not, feel free to send me an e-mail for a copy.

  • van Trijp, Remi (2016). The evolution of case grammar. Computational Models of Language Evolution, Vol. 4. Berlin: Language Science Press. (Available as open access)
Journal Articles
Book Chapters
  • van Trijp, Remi (2018). Transparency vs. Processing Efficiency: A Case Study on German Declension. In: Poibeau, Thierry and Villavicencio, Aline (eds.), Language, Cognition, and Computational Models (pp. 289–318). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Conference Proceedings
  • Gerasymova, Katja; Steels, Luc and van Trijp, Remi (2009). Aspectual Morphology of Russian Verbs in Fluid Construction Grammar. In: Taatgen, N.A. and van Rijn, H. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 31th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 1370-1375). Amsterdam: Cognitive Science Society.
  • Micelli, Vanessa; van Trijp, Remi and De Beule, Joachim (2009). Framing Fluid Construction Grammar. In: Taatgen, N.A. and van Rijn, H. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 31th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 3023-3027). Amsterdam: Cognitive Science Society.
PhD Dissertation
Technical Reports and Reviews
  • Loetzsch, Martin; Wellens, Pieter; De Beule, Joachim; Bleys, Joris and van Trijp, Remi (2008). The Babel2 Manual. Brussels: VUB Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
  • van Trijp, Remi (2006). Book Review on Liesbet Heyvaert (2003) A Cognitive-Functional Approach to Nominalization in English. www.cognitivelinguistics.org.
  • van Trijp, Remi (2006). Book Review on Royal Skousen, Deryle Lonsdale and Dilworth B. Parkinson, eds. (2002) Analogical Modeling. http://www.cognitivelinguistics.org.